The Audi Smart Factory of the Future Looks Frightening

Audi is developing a “Smart Factory” where robots will work together with humans to build cars.

The German automaker first talked about its Smart Factory last year, envisioning a plant with human-robot collaboration, 3D printed parts, drone material transport and piloted cars that drive themselves off the production lines. A new video has been released that gives us a glimpse into that factory, proving that it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. In fact, Audi appears to be making great progress with drones transporting steering wheels, although it may not seem very effective in the video.

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The company also previews other high-tech features like using virtual reality headsets and metal 3D printing to enhance the production process at its factories. Audi says it is looking at a method of production where cars are no longer built on an assembly line, but with a radically new, disruptive concept called modular assembly instead.

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