This Epic Burnout is Literally on Fire. Literally


Normal, smoky burnouts are just so boring.

What happens when you douse the tires with gasoline and light them on fire before doing a burnout? You get to earn yourself a GoPro Award with an epic video showing off what it would be like if Ghost Rider strapped himself into a drag car.

Truth be told, driver Dave Nelson isn’t a real life Ghost Rider, but based on his comments on the YouTube video this isn’t the first time he’s done this. In response to one user saying that fire burnouts are no long allowed in the U.S. and noting that this video was recorded at Santa Pod in the U.K., Nelson replied saying “Yep, we only do fire burnouts at selected meets with very strict safety conditions and additional fire cover.”

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Just how much additional fire cover is being provided? Nelson gave a fairly detailed explanation in the comments, saying that he wears a multi-layer fire suit, while a dozen fire marshalls and fire fighting equipment is close by, including a full fire truck. There was also a fire marshall on a quad with fire fighting equipment at the 1/8th-mile mark.