Android Auto Finally Recognizes a Popular Voice Command

A recent update to Android Auto has the software recognizing the “OK Google” voice command.

It has been a bit of a head scratcher that OK Google didn’t work with Android Auto, considering the command is a core part of the Android user experience, being used on the company’s smartphones and smartwatches. But a recent update to Android Auto now has it acknowledging the popular hands-free voice command, although it’s not available for everybody just yet.

On Android phones and with the feature enabled, users can typically say, “OK Google” like Apple users would say, “Hey Siri” to initiate a voice search or a command. This feature didn’t become available on Android Auto until recently.

The feature was first seen by Reddit user neo5468 and but it appears that not everyone has access to the setting as the company is slowly rolling it out to certain accounts.

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Google first announced that it would be incorporating OK Google functionality to Android Auto at its annual I/O conference more than six months ago. At the time, the company also said it would integrate Waze, but that hasn’t come to fruition yet.

[Source: Reddit via Engadget]

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