Don’t Expect to See this Volkswagen Brand in the US Anytime Soon

Don’t Expect to See this Volkswagen Brand in the US Anytime Soon

It doesn’t appear that Volkswagen’s Skoda brand is heading to North America.

Rumors recently cropped up about a Czech invasion with Skoda looking to break into the American market. A new report from Automobile, though, suggests that VW is putting the final nail in that coffin.

It seems that the idea of replacing the VW brand in the US with Skodas was tossed around in the wake of the TDI scandal, but VW quickly came to its senses. Skoda reportedly liked the idea and decided to look into crossing the Atlantic anyway.

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Although the option is still being considered at Skoda, a senior VW executive was very opposed to the idea when speaking to Automobile.

“We may be crazy, but we’re not mad,” the unnamed board member told Automobile. “Entering this huge market with an unknown brand, a model range focused on Europe, and a non-existent dealer network is pure suicide. Furthermore, the last thing Volkswagen of America needs now in in-house cannibalization.”

So that, it seems, is that.

A version of this story originally appeared on VW Vortex

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