Ford Patents Heat-Generated Graphics That Show Up in Moisture

Ford has filed for a pretty interesting patent, allowing the Mustang’s famous pony logo to be emblazoned on the hood using heat. 

Published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the new invention will allow Ford to use heat transmission to display graphics on body panels that will be formed by either moisture, like condensation, or in precipitation like snow.

On the Mustang, Ford is showing how it could plaster the pony logo on the hood, in this case with it facing the passengers inside the car.

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Essentially, a system of heat-emitting and heat-absorbing “thermal structures” would be placed on the inside of the hood and hooked into a controller, creating a “heat transmission structure for forming heat generated graphics through the use of moisture and precipitation in and around the vehicle.” Essentially, these contraptions would use heat to make a pattern or design on the hood (and possibly doors and other surfaces in the future), in this case, the Mustang’s iconic pony.

The filing even includes one illustration showing the Mustang’s hood melting through snow to reveal its pony logo.

These heat-generated graphics likely wouldn’t last once the car starts driving, as the snow or moisture would roll off the hood, but when the car is sitting still it would certainly be an eye-catching feature.

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