Top 10 Best Classic Cars to Buy in 2017

Jodi Lai
by Jodi Lai
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top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

It can be difficult to shovel your hard-earned money into a classic car.

Between the uncertainty of what would make a good investment, fluctuations in pricing, and the inevitable wrenching and frustration, buying a classic car can be very intimidating. Thankfully, Hagerty is an expert in classic cars and has come out with its list of best classic cars to buy for 2017.

The insurance provider has picked fun cars that are poised to increase in value. Interestingly, cars from the 1980s are going to be strong, and even cars from the early 2000s are starting to show value as future classic cars.

Here is Hagerty’s list of best classic cars to buy for 2017:

10. 1993-1998 Toyota Supra Turbo

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

Not a surprising pick at all seeing how nostalgic JDM and Fast & Furious fans have been going bonkers over all things Supra, the average price for one of these coupes is $40,000. The challenge will be finding one in stock condition that hasn’t been abused, but if you can find one, it’s guaranteed to pay for itself one day. Twin-turbo MkIV Supras were some of the fastest production cars during their heyday.

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9. 2007-2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

A bit on the rich side of things, the average value for this rare, race-bred Porsche hovers around $180,000. But for high-end collectors, these Porsches have the right blend of rarity and performance that cements their collector car status. Most examples are pristine and well taken care of, but have seen extensive track time.

8. 1970 Plymouth Superbird

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

An unusual and surprising pick, values for this vintage Mopar car average a staggering $233,000. Most of this has to do with how rare they are, as fewer than 3,000 were made. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

7. 1966-1977 Ford Bronco

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

We love vintage Ford Broncos and the nostalgia for these off-roaders has been so strong that values keep getting better. There’s so much nostalgia for this car that Ford might build a new one in the near future. For about $18,500, you can find a pristine one and look like the most badass classic car driver on your block.

6. 2003 Ferrari Enzo

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

This pick as a future classic car is obvious and is still way too expensive for most people. If you have about $2.3-million to spare, the Enzo is obviously a safe pick and it’s nearly guaranteed to keep getting more expensive as time goes on. Most Enzos of this caliber are garage queens or museum-quality cars and rarely get driven because of how rare and expensive they are.

5. 2003-2006 Dodge Viper

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

Now that the Dodge Viper is discontinued, you can expect their values as collector cars to skyrocket in the future. You should be able to get one from this generation for about $50,000, and Viper owners take very good care of their cars, so it should be easy to find a clean one with low mileage.

4. 1968-1970 Dodge Charger

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

Hagerty has seen interest in Chargers of this vintage hit a five-year high. The average price for one is about $26,100, but Hagerty sees values increasing steadily.

3. 1971-1972 Dodge Challenger

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

Classic muscle cars continue to show strong value as collector cars and are still recovering from the massive price drop seen in 2008, so now is a pretty good time to look into adding one to your stable. The average price for a Challenger from these years is around $18,300.

2. 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

This generation of C5 Corvettes has fully depreciated now, so it’s a good time to get in on the action before prices start going up again. The average price for a C5 Corvette is about $15,000, but the one you want is the more powerful and rare Z06, which will be more money.

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1. 2000-2006 BMW M3

top 10 best classic cars to buy in 2017

Not a big surprise as the top future collectible car of 2017, BMW M cars continue to be safe bets as good investments. The average price for a model of this generation of E46 M3 is around $20,000, but the challenge will be finding one that hasn’t been abused too much.

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