These Crazy Mercedes Concepts Confuse and Delight

Mercedes wanted to shine the spotlight on its talented designers, but the German automaker may have shed some light on secret projects as well.

Mercedes is previewing the future of its design language with a sculpture called “Aesthetics A,” which will preview an upcoming A-Class. While the automaker is putting a focus on its “Aesthetics A” sculpture and how it plans on introducing a new compact sedan, digging further into a photo gallery Mercedes published along with the news revealed a few surprises.

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The gallery features a very sleek concept or design study for a hypercar that hasn’t been seen before, which could preview the upcoming Project One hypercar. Not much is known about Project One, except that it has been confirmed to be in development by Mercedes-AMG and will feature a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine borrowed from the company’s Formula 1 race car. Paired with an electric motor, the hybrid aims to make at least 1,000 horsepower and will likely compete with the Aston Martin / Red Bull Racing AM-RB 001.

There’s also a photo of a full-sized clay crossover model that could preview another future production car. Mercedes has already trademarked GLB and there’s a strong possibility that clay model previews the upcoming compact crossover.

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