Did Vin Diesel Just ‘Accidentally’ Reveal the Dodge Challenger Demon?


Dodge has been very secretive about the upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, but it looks like it won’t be a mystery for much longer.

The American automaker is slowly releasing information about the upcoming Challenger Demon and has revealed that the muscle car will be around 200 pounds lighter than the current Hellcat offering. The teaser video Dodge released also showed off small changes heading to the car, like new wheels, suspension, brakes, interior and more.

A video has been published on YouTube that shows Vin Diesel talking about the upcoming movie The Fate of the Furious and it appears that a pair of Dodge Challenger SRT Demons are sitting in the background. At first glance, they look like typical Fast and the Furious movie cars, with large wheels, matte accents, and huge hood scoops. But at a closer glance, the emblem on the fender isn’t a Hellcat one, hinting that it might be the Demon. The aggressive new look also shadows the Challenger in the teaser released earlier.

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This isn’t any sort of confirmation that the Demon will be used in the movie, but it sure looks like that is the case. It will be a few more weeks before Dodge spills all the details on the model, but for now at least we might have a better look at what to expect.

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