Ford Patents Versatile Camera Mount for All Your GoPro Needs

It seems just about every performance junkie and their mother are recording track sessions, back road bombing, and even mundane milk runs. Now Ford wants to play too.

Patents discovered by Autoblog show FoMoCo working on a trick camera mount that will gather data from the car, along with a motorized base that can rotate where the camera is facing.

According to the patent document, the mount could be placed in a myriad of places, like hanging from the windshield, or down on the dashboard, and will be compatible with several different kinds of cameras. Inside the base is a motor that can pan the camera left or right depending on what you want it to do. Because the device will receive data from the vehicle it’s possible to set the device up to follow steering inputs during hot lapping sessions or hustling your favorite B-road.

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The patent asserts the camera mount can be controlled by someone in the car, likely from the touch screen or through steering wheel mounted controls. Also mentioned is mobile device compatibility, which could theoretically allow control from a smartphone or tablet, similar to GoPro’s native app.

It’s unclear if the camera mount is capable of overlaying performance data from the CAN bus like GM’s integrated Performance Data Recorder, nor if it’s capable of exporting the data points to a mobile device. GM’s PDR is only accessible in car, but it does allow lateral acceleration, speed, steering angle, throttle and brake rate, traction control events, and even GPS track maps to be displayed on top of recorded footage.

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