It Won’t be Long Until a Chinese Automaker is in the US


GAC is the first Chinese automaker to have a booth at the main exhibition floor of the North American International Auto Show.

The company revealed it will establish a local R&D facility later this year and aims to enter the U.S. market within the next three years. At the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, GAC introduced three new vehicles, including a hybrid crossover concept car, a new SUV, and the first electric vehicle from the company. The hybrid concept is called the EnSpirit, while the SUV is the GS7 and is likely the main candidate for GAC’s first U.S. entry. The GE3 is the name of the electric vehicle that the automaker says represents “the highest level of GAC Engineering’s independent research and development as well as unparalleled technological capabilities.”

2017 Detroit Auto Show Coverage

Speaking to reporters through an interpreter, GAC president Feng Xingya said he hopes “it will be 2018,” when the company has its vehicles certified to U.S. safety standards. “But undoubtedly we will export our products to the U.S. market no later than 2019.”


When the company made an appearance at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show with the GS4, it predicted at the time it would enter the U.S. market by 2017. But now with its larger presence in Detroit and confirmation from the president, it’s looking more likely GAC will be sold on U.S. soil by 2019 at the latest.

“The US has one of the most developed auto industries in the world with a hundred years of auto history and culture, people have reached social consensus in the essential attributes of cars, and high-quality auto products have very broad market space,” said Yu Jun, general manager of GAC Motor. “GAC Motor is dedicated to bringing the elite vehicles to global consumers as we expand our brand in the overseas market.”

[Source: WardsAuto]

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