Just Offer Me a Damn Manual Transmission: The Skinny with Craig Cole


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The good ol’ standard transmission has largely been rendered obsolete by quick-shifting automatics.

Certain examples can change gears quicker than you can even think, often delivering superior overall vehicle performance in the process. Of course, stricter fuel-economy regulations and today’s indifferent motorists have also played major roles in the manual’s demise.

Automakers have no real incentive to offer lots of models with stick shifts… AND THAT PISSES ME OFF! According to IHS Automotive, they were only fitted to about 7 percent of vehicles built in North America last year, which should give you a rough idea how total the automatic’s dominance is, at least in the new world.

Recently, we’ve seen self-shifting transmissions gain multiple clutches and sprout seven, eight and even nine forward speeds, with more on the way.

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But guess what? I DO NOT CARE how quickly your latest and greatest automatic shifts, that it can be controlled with paddles, doubles the vehicle’s fuel economy, cures throat herpes or turns the Sahara into Eden. It’s just nowhere near as much fun as a good manual. Sorry to defecate in your bag of peaches…

In fact, I’d argue that rowing your own gears in a 155-horsepower Miata is more entertaining than driving some overly computerized automatic exotic.

We’ve been sliding down a slippery slope for decades. We enthusiasts are rapidly losing our God-given right to dance the three-pedal shuffle. But all is not lost; there is a possible solution to grim situation if automakers ever decided to implement it. For more details, make sure to watch the video embedded above.

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