Leaked Photo of McLaren’s Next Supercar Shows Super Sexy Style

Leaked Photo of McLaren’s Next Supercar Shows Super Sexy Style

A photo of the new McLaren 720S has leaked online ahead of the supercar’s rumored debut at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show in early March.

Instagram user Lamborghiniks posted a photo of the all-new successor to the McLaren 650S to Instagram last night. The photo was apparently taken at a special event for McLaren customers where they were given a preview of the car ahead of its public showing in a month or so.

Details are scarce, but as its name suggests, the 720S is expected to produce 720PS, equivalent to 710 horsepower. In the engine bay will sit McLaren’s twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8, which will likely be connected to the same Graziano-sourced seven-speed dual clutch transmission found in the other McLaren road cars including the 650S and P1.

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The second-generation of McLaren’s carbon fiber monocoque, dubbed MonoCage II, will debut in the 720S. The new passenger cell will be lighter than the outgoing structure and will also bring with it increased torsional rigidity. The 720S will benefit from an advanced aerodynamics system as well, enabling the supercar to achieve 15 percent better aerodynamic efficiency and 50 percent more downforce than the 650S.

Official details on the all-new McLaren 720S will become available following its debut in March, but for now, we’ll have to settle for this slightly fuzzy leaked image.

WOW!! Congratulations are in order!!!! This image has recently leaked of the upcoming McLaren 720S aka P14. This will be the all new successor to the McLaren 650S. I have heard for a while now that this car is going to be amazing but now I am even more excited for its official debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show!!! Just look at it! ? Hey @mclarenauto @frank_stephenson @robert_melville @jamesbanksesq – Well Done Gentlemen!! Take a bow. You have earned it. This is next level!! ???????? See you guys at Geneva! The 2017 Geneva Motor Show is only 39 days away!!! I cannot wait to see this stunning masterpiece in person!! ??? ?? Photographer is unknown. ______________________________________________________________ #McLaren #720S #McLaren720S #P14 #McLarenP14 #P1 #MSO #McLarenP1 #NoIAmNotPostingThisTryingToGetTheBP23 #AlreadyRejectedAndRightfullySo #675LT #688HS #P14 #570S #BP23 #F1 #BruceMcLaren #FrankStephenson #AstonMartin #Lamborghini #Ferrari #Porsche #GT2RS #Pagani #Koenigsegg #488 #Huracan #HuracanPerformante #England #WOW #BLESSED

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[Source: Instagram via Jalopnik]