Toyota Leads As Most Searched Automaker


Toyota may have just recently lost the top sales crown to Volkswagen but the Japanese automaker does get to stake its claim in another way: Google searches.

A study by UK based auto-parts retailed Quickco shows that Toyota is the most searched automaker in the world, appearing as the top searched brand in 74 countries around the world. Second place is BMW, which shows up as the most searched automaker in 51 counties, while Hyundai comes in third with 17.

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Quickco says that these three brands make up 73 percent of all top searches around the world. The study also pointed out that car-curious Google users aren’t exactly nationalistic; which is to say that people didn’t often search for information about their homegrown automakers. Only four countries saw a national brand as their top searched item: Germany with BMW, France with Renault, Italy with Fiat, and Sweden with Volvo.

It’s interesting to see that none of the the big three American automakers are the top search items in the United States. Instead that title goes to Toyota, and while Toyota is the most searched automaker in the world, it didn’t rank as the top searched automaker in its home country of Japan. That honor went to BMW.

There’s an interesting note in this study. Google isn’t necessarily the top search engine in every country. Countries like such as China, Russia and South Korea are known to use other search engines instead, so these results may vary if the most used search tools in those regions were studied as well.

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[Source: Quickco]


Noe says:

That whole swath of central africa is only searching for used toyota hilux’es – which are then only modified into gun / rocket mounted platforms …….

craigcole says:

Hmmm, interesting!