What is This Mysterious Aston Martin Logo?


[This story has been updated with an official response from Aston Martin]

This circular logo may look like a bunch of lines and diamonds, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Aston Martin originally filed a trademark for the above logo last July for a number of items, presumably for merchandise, as it falls under categories like small items of metal hardware, furniture, advertising, marketing, etc. Earlier this week, a second filing was made that also lists a number of items like mobile phones, leather and clothing. More importantly, the more recent trademark filing also includes automobile chassis and design of land vehicles, hinting that Aston Martin could be using this logo for various parts on its vehicles like the front grille, wheels or steering wheel. We know this new logo will be used on lifestyle merchandise, but perhaps it could also be used on cars that are bespoke or special edition models?

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At first glance, the logo may not look like much and certainly doesn’t represent the idea of Aston Martin like its current winged logo does so well. But if you fill in some of the lines, you can make out the letter “A” and “M” in the logo. More interesting is that it resembles the company’s original logo used in the 1920s, before it incorporated the iconic wings we know today. You can see an animated gif below for the resemblance.

UPDATE: Andy Palmer, CEO and president of Aston Martin, sent out a tweet this morning confirming that this logo won’t be replacing the iconic wings and that it will only be used on merchandise.



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