All-Electric Honda Clarity Falls Short of Competition in the Range Department

Honda is gearing up to release the all-electric version of the Clarity sedan, but its range certainly won’t be the top selling feature. 

Automotive News has learned that the Clarity will have a range of about 80 miles on a single charge, falling short of the Nissan Leaf’s 107 miles of range, the new Hyunda Ioniq EV’s 124 miles and the Chevy Bolt’s 238 miles.

Honda says that this decision was calculated to meet two stringent parameters: the size of the vehicle and the price. The Clarity, which will also be available as a plug-in hybrid and hydrogen-powered model, will accommodate five passengers and will cost around $35,000 in all-electric trim. Honda is hoping that this is a sweet spot in the market, where the car is still attainable and offers the convenience of a four-door sedan, unlike the small Bolt or the expensive Tesla Model S.

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The fuel cell-powered Clarity is already available in certain dealers, offering a range of 366 miles, though the cost shoots up to about $60,000 with the alternative fuel powertrain.

[Source: Automotive News]

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