Audi Sport Boss Hints a Hypercar 'Might Be a Good Idea'

Sebastien Bell
by Sebastien Bell

Audi Sport boss Stephan Winkelmann revealed this weekend that a small production hypercar to sit above the R8 in the range is a possibility.

Speaking to Car Advice at Australia’s Bathurst 12 Hours GT3 enduro race, Winkelmann said, “Coming from a brand where we did this in the past and we put it to a new level […] if it’s about a very limited car with a high price to test the value of the brand, it might be a good idea.”

Before taking the helm of Audi Sport — which makes Audi’s RS cars — Winkelmann was the head of Lamborghini, so he knows a thing or two about hypercars. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the plans are firm. Winkelmann categorized it as a pie-in-the-sky idea.

Despite that, he did hypothesize on what history a hypercar might trade on.

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“We’re just speaking hypothetically. But I think everything can be judged in one way or another. I see that there is a potential for those type of cars in Audi Sport, and given the history we have in racing, with Silver Arrows, WEC and GT3 cars as you see here, there are many ideas.”

Winkelmann even went so far as to say that he wouldn’t want to make the car alongside Lamborghini to spread costs.

Whatever the case, when Mercedes comes out with its proposed F1-derived hypercar, it might give Audi the competitive push it needs to actually put such a vehicle into production.

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Sebastien Bell
Sebastien Bell

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    i'd rather buy a Mercedes Supercar, Bentley, or McLaren, or Lamborghini, or Ferrari. not so interested in a Supercar maker that also makes the A4 and A3.