Next-Generation Ford Fiesta ST Hot Hatch Will Debut This Week


The next-generation Ford Fiesta ST will be revealed later this week.

The American automaker’s European arm released a short teaser video for the next-generation Fiesta ST, but it doesn’t show too much. With the car heavily camouflaged and the video featuring quick snaps and plenty of objects in the way obstructing the car from a clear view, all we get is a sense of how it sounds as it charges through a factory.

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Expect to see a familiar rear spoiler on the hot hatch, along with more aggressive styling bumper to bumper. It’s been rumored that the new Ford Fiesta ST will turn to an EcoBoost three-cylinder powerplant, but we won’t know for sure until Friday.

Check back with on February 24 for details on the new Ford Fiesta ST and we’ll be sure to check it out up close when it makes its public debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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