New Fast 8 Trailer Looks Just as Stupid and Awesome as We Hoped It Would

The Fate of the Furious has a new international trailer.

The eighth movie in a franchise no one believed would live past one will arrive in movie theaters April 14, and the latest trailer is packed with everything you would expect from a Fast and Furious movie. The last trailer we saw revealed Vin Diesel’s character betrays the team, and although this trailer doesn’t explain why he betrayed them, it does give an extended look at the upcoming movie’s plot.

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Like other recent Fast and Furious movies, this one will head to several locations around the world including Cuba. The film crew has also been spotted in Ohio and Iceland.

The series isn’t so much about modified cars and street racing as it was in the beginning, for better or worse (it’s better). But there’s still a strong focus on cars and The Fate of the Furious has no shortage of amazing machines. Expect to see plenty of modern exotics and supercars in the movie, and a strong Dodge presence with the new Challenger SRT Demon.