Volkswagen Launches New Company to Fulfill Dieselgate Settlement Promise

Volkswagen of America today launched Electrify America LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary aimed at helping to build electric infrastructure in the US.

Electrify America LLC will be in charge of implementing VW’s commitment to invest $2-billion in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure that the automaker agreed to in its dieselgate settlement.

The plan is to install 500 charging stations across America, 200 of which will be placed along highways in an effort to develop a high-speed, cross-country charging network. The remaining 300 will be placed in 15 metro areas nationwide.

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Volkswagen is also set to create a “Green City” somewhere in California. The initiative is a pilot project to test out electric shuttles, car sharing, and transit programs.

Based in Virginia, like Volkswagen of America, Electrify America will be wholly owned by VW, but as per the settlement won’t be specific to the brand. That means that none of the charging stations will be VW-specific, nor will the Green City initiative.

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