Watch the 2019 Toyota Supra Drifting in the Snow


Spy photographers have caught the new Toyota Supra on video playing in the snow. 

Rumor has it the new Toyota Supra will make its debut this October at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. And by the looks of how recent testing has been going, that rumor could be true.

Engineers took the Supra’s successor out on frozen test tracks, putting the prototype through its paces as it tears up some big drifts. The video also gives us a great opportunity to hear the exhaust note of the upcoming sports car.

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Toyota has kept the new Supra mostly a mystery, but we do know it will ride on a shared platform with the BMW Z5. BMW was also out testing its sports car in the snow, set apart by the BMW’s soft top convertible roof.

The two automakers collaborated on the platform, with the Supra to be sold exclusively as a coupe, while the Z5 will be only a convertible. It’s still unclear what will power the Supra, but spy photographers have heard prototypes roaming around emitting no engine noise, suggesting that a hybrid powertrain is a possibility with an all-electric driving mode.

We expect to hear and see plenty more of the Supra and Z5 in the coming months, especially if Toyota is getting ready to debut it in Tokyo this year.

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