2017 Ford Focus RS Rallycross Liveries Are Quite Shocking to the Eye

It will be hard to miss these race cars even in the mud.

The all-new 2017 Hoonigan Racing liveries were designed by artist Death Spray Custom and will be worn on the Ford Focus RS RX rallycross cars driven by Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud. U.K. artist David Gwyther, better known as Death Spray Custom, also created all-new name and number looks for both drivers, as well as new takes on established and well-known Hoonigan sayings “Kill All Tires,” and “Ain’t Care.”

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Those interested in rallycross in the U.S. can catch all the action on Ford Performance’s YouTube channel for free, with this season kicking off on Sunday, April 2 at 8:00 AM Eastern.

“Every year, we here at Hoonigan Racing and Hoonigan Industries try and make the best racecar liveries in the world of motorsports,” said Block. “We’ve been able to keep it moving forward with what we do and we’re always trying to align our liveries with amazing graphics and artists so that it translates in a dope way to become a visually appealing and unique looking racecar on the track—and therefore will make fresh apparel with Hoonigan, and other awesome products with our other partners.”

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