Chinese Automaker BYD Delivers First Electric Truck to US Freight Company

Jon LeSage
by Jon LeSage

Chinese vehicle manufacturer BYD began delivering the first part of an electric work truck order in California.

The first heavy-duty terminal tractor truck was delivered to Daylight Transport for the freight transport company’s Fontana, Calif., facility. It’s the first of 27 electric trucks BYD will be delivering to customers in southern California.

The project is funded in part by California’s cap-and-trade program created a few years ago through the state’s global warming law. The contract includes 23 class 8 and four class 5 vehicles for disadvantaged communities in California’s Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

Daylight Transport will be getting three electric yard trucks and a service truck. The remaining 23 trucks from the funded program are scheduled for delivery at two BNSF Railway yards in San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties.

“With this project, California is proving to critics that clean air and job creation are not mutually exclusive,” said Stella Li, president of BYD Motors’ North America division.

“Our electric trucks are safe and reliable, and every purchase of a BYD electric truck in California helps support local job creation,” she said.

BYD is best known for being the market leader in electric passenger vehicle sales in China. It’s Lancaster, Calif., assembly facility has been the home to electric buses and work trucks going out to transit districts and fleets across the country.

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The Chinese company has been expanding its assembly facility to handle growing demand for electric buses and trucks of all sizes.

Representatives from California Air Resources Board and San Bernardino Council of Governments attended the Fontana event. Government entities have been working with vehicle makers and others on cleaning up freight hauling in the state tied to the harbors. Air pollution from cargo trucks has been a major source of air pollution in the region.

BYD is showing interest in bringing some of its electric passenger cars to the U.S. The Chinese company is involved in the process of EPA-certifying its 2017 E6 all-electric crossover SUV. However, the company wouldn’t comment on whether that meant bringing these cars overseas for retail sales in the U.S.

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