This Car from India Actually Looks Pretty Legit


Tata Motors has coined a new term with its 2017 Geneva Motor Show debut.

The Indian automaker has introduced a new sub-brand called Tamo, which will serve as “an incubating center of innovation working towards new technologies, business models and partnerships in order to define future mobility solutions.” The first of Tamo’s innovations is Racemo, a two-seater sports coupe that the company calls the first globally developed “phygital” car, merging the physical and digital worlds. Thanks to Microsoft, the Racemo is also India’s first connected car, bringing alive connected technologies like cloud computing, analytics, geo-spatial and mapping, as well as increased human-machine interface.

There’s also a race version called the Racemo+, which is the first Indian car to be made available in Forza Horizon 3 on PC and Xbox One. The Racemo+ benefits from an adjustable front splitter, more vents and a large spoiler in the rear, while the interior gets racing seats, harnesses and a steering wheel without an airbag.

2017 Geneva Motor Show Coverage

Now, unfortunately, the company didn’t disclose very many details on the Racemo, but it does feature a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine mounted in the middle. The small powerplant provides a surprising 187 horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque while mated to a six-speed automated manual transmission with paddle shifters. Tata claims it can go zero to 60 mph in six seconds flat.

And if you think this is just some sort of concept, 250 Racemo sports cars will be built, but don’t expect to see any heading to the U.S. But hey, if you own Forza Horizon 3 you can download it for free and take it for a spin.

“We launched our sub-brand TAMO as our answer to new technologies, business models and partnerships. ‘RACEMO’ is the first innovation from TAMO, and our emotional, unexpected leap to the future,” said Guenter Butschek, CEO and MD, Tata Motors. “Symbolising the change that is taking place at Tata Motors, ‘RACEMO’ is the proving ground of the TAMO family of vehicles and will drive the future of India’s connected generation. From styling and design to driver experience and technology, RACEMO is an extension of customers’ personality, as part of their digital ecosystem and will break the ice with a radical new presence and pique the interest in the parent brand.”