Lexus Confirms Edgy Compact Crossover is Heading to Production


The Lexus crossover and SUV family is getting a new member.

The Japanese luxury automaker has confirmed to Australia’s Motoring that the UX Concept is heading to production and that it’s “not so far away.” The confirmation comes from Lexus International executive vice president Yoshihiro Sawa, who added that the UX will help appeal to younger buyers and hopefully a generation of new owners.

“The loyal users always changing the car but at the same time the average age is going up,” Sawa told Motoring. “But from this year we tried to seek the buyer average that is younger. We try to capture these new younger buyers, so that we change our design ways.”

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The Lexus UX Concept was introduced at the 2016 Paris Motor Show as a compact model that would slot under the Lexus NX. The more aggressive and edgier styling plays into the automaker’s desire to attract younger buyers, although we expect the production model will be more conservative and traditional. Still, the overall profile and style should survive, and it will be interesting to see how Lexus deals with the interior. The concept’s cabin had all sorts of interesting, high-tech features that seems outlandish, like the Kinetic Seat Concept featuring a flexible material woven around a skeleton to make the seats more like hammocks.

Expect to see the production Lexus UX model debut sometime this year.

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