McLaren is Teasing Its Most Powerful Car Ever

Michael Accardi
by Michael Accardi

McLaren just dropped a teaser for the most hyper-active road car to ever come from Woking.

Upon arrival in 2019 it will knock the P1 off McLaren’s performance pedestal as the most powerful road-legal machine ever made by the famous British brand responsible for fielding Formula 1 cars that don’t work. Codenamed BP23, the alphanumerics stand for McLaren’s second Bespoke Project and it having three seats.

Development of the “Hyper-GT” is already underway at McLaren Special Operations, and the new model will serve as the crown jewel of McLaren’s Ultimate Series hierarchy. Besides being the most aerodynamically slippery McLaren missile, the BP23 is also expected to debut a new high-performing hybrid propulsion system that will probably make the P1 pee in its pants.

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It’s expected the BP23 will cost north of $2 million, but no you can’t have one even if you have the cash, just 106 cars are planned–the same volume as the legendary F1– and McLaren has already pre-sold every one. Buyers were chosen for their loyalty to McLaren and their propensity for actually driving their pricey machinery. Later in the development phase owners will work with MSO to select colours, trim materials and other personalization points.

McLaren doesn’t want you to think of the BP23 as a follow up to the F1, but instead a homage that pays its respects to the ’90s greatest dynamo.

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