Poll: Honda Accord Coupe or Ford Mustang?

Poll: Honda Accord Coupe or Ford Mustang?

Which coupe would YOU rather make monthly payments on, the Honda Accord or Ford Mustang?

Despite having some obvious differences, these two cars have several important similarities that make them unexpected rivals.

The Honda in this tossup may share the same bones with a front-wheel-drive family sedan, but its potent six-cylinder engine and available manual transmission make it an interesting foil to the Mustang, which, of course, can be had with a similar drivetrain.

The Accord’s 3.5-liter V6 delivers 278 horsepower and 252 lb-ft of torque. A manual or automatic gearbox, either with half-a-dozen forward speeds, are your transmission options. Equipped with three pedals, this sensible two-door should get 18 miles per gallon in urban conditions and 28 on the highway, figures that result in a combined score of 21 MPG.

Focusing on the Mustang, it also offers a V6, though one that displaces a meatier 3.7-liters (a host of other engines are also available). Thanks to the extra lung capacity, it provides a little more oomph, specifically, 300 horses and 280 lb-ft of twist. Either a manual or automatic transmission is available; both feature six speeds.

Despite weighing about 136 pounds more than a similarly equipped Accord Coupe (roughly 3,533 pounds versus 3,397), the Mustang is correspondingly efficient. With the six-shooter under hood and standard gearbox, one of these iconic American machines should deliver 18 MPG city, 27 highway and 21 combined.

At the end of the day, the Accord Coupe and Mustang are similar in several meaningful ways, but which one would YOU rather own? Compare them here and don’t forget to vote in our poll!

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