Volvo XC60 is the Baby XC90 You’ve Always Wanted


Volvo has revealed its new XC60 under the bright lights of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. 

Representing about 30 percent of its total global sales, the XC60 is an important product for Volvo, and the redesign follows in the footsteps of the larger XC90 before it with smooth styling and those signature “Thor’s Hammer” headlights.

The top-trim XC60 T8 model will come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, delivering 407 horsepower, propelling the SUV to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.3 seconds. Two diesel models will be available, although they aren’t likely for the North American market. Instead, the base engine for the U.S. will be the 254-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder T5, while buyers can also choose the more powerful 320-hp T6.

2017 Geneva Motor Show

Safety, as with all Volvos, is of top importance, and the XC60 proves it with its new Steer Assist system that will autonomously steer the car to avoid an imminent collision. Pilot Assist, Volvo’s semi-autonomous driving assistant, is also offered, capable of handling steering, acceleration and braking on well-marked roads at speeds up to 80 mph (130 km/h).

Inside, the XC60 also borrows heavily from the XC90, though it has a new four-zone climate control system that removes harmful pollutants and particles from the air. In the dash you’ll find Volvo‘s Sensus infotainment system which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new XC60 will begin production in mid-April at the Torslanda Plant in Sweden.


Richard Norris says:

Wow, we ordered and received one of the very first XC60s back in ’09. Looks like this vehicle has come a LONG way!!! Ours was a great vehicle; but we swapped about 4 years later as is our custom. We would be very interested in a “40” series CUV at this point; but the new 60 is very nice looking! Our ’10 was just under $50K…I’m a little afraid to see the MSRP on this new offering!!!

This Isn't Funny says:

Be careful what you wish for. My understanding is that the 40 series will be based on the “compact architecture.” It will share this architecture with new Geely cars, and, if not entirely produced in China, will share many Chinese components. The jury is still out on whether this arrangement will allow Volvo to maintain the same quality as the 60/90 series.
I have a last-gen (2016) XC60, and it is my favorite car ever.

labans says:

Nice looking vehicle. The shape very closely mimics the Nissan Murano of old and the new Mazda CX5,7,9.
My biggest concern is that the interior of the vehicle is slightly larger than a 1960’s Mini Cooper. Very sad as it is clear with almost all vehicles that both the interior and exterior have given in to yearly shrinkage such that the interior volume of my 1998 Mercedes E300D is literally twice what this vehicle has and the front half of the interior would fit into the trunk of my car!! Yet it gets no better mileage and probably has equal crash safety, maybe, than my Mercedes. Our 1998 Volvo V70R is small on the inside but By God it is larger than this little car.
Note to Auto Manufacturers: You think you have fooled most of the car-buying population, but there are still loads of us out there who are not fooled by your continual shrinkage.

sws94 says:

This car has more safety than a 1998 anything. Mercedes has fine safety, but the newer cars from both marques take the crashworthiness and crash avoidance safety factors to a higher level.

les says:

This Car without the Thor hammer lights looks like a Mazda CX9 from the side..Which used to be called a CX-7

Tostik says:

Just to alleviate worries about Chinese quality—Volvo engineers occasionally pull a factory made car off the line, drive it into the ground, and then take it apart, to check for quality. They do this at 3 times the rate in their Chinese factories, than they do in their European factories. They have been very happy with the quality of cars made in their Chinese factories.

sws94 says:

This is not a baby xc90. It’s a redesigned, updated xc60. It’s the latest in the SPA platform language. Next to come is probably the s60, which will not be a baby s90.

Glenn Van Acker says:

Cutting out the XC-70, with the turbo 5 cylinder, was a major mistake for Volvo.

les says:

They Need a Hybrid 6 cylinder Model in the USA, these puny 4 cylinder modesl are having so many problems at the “stealerships” a lot of people refuse to pay 70K for a problem that doesn’t go away with age.

Not sure what engine they plan on bringing to the states.. Wish it were a Turbo diesel.

BorisBulldog says:

Hard to tell if it’s a nice car or not with that fuggly blue paint!