Audi Sport Confirms US Getting Eight New Models

Sebastien Bell
by Sebastien Bell

The international media has made a big deal about how many new cars Audi’s in-house tuning brand, Audi Sport GmbH, will be producing in the coming months.

Now, though, Americans can get excited too, as Audi USA boss Scott Keogh confirmed at the New York International Auto Show that we will be getting eight new Audi Sport models in the next 24 months.

Audi Sport handles RS cars and the R8. Three of those new cars, headed for America, are at NYIAS already. They are the TT RS, the RS3 Sedan, and the RS5 coupe, all headed to dealerships soon. The next model, we can say with some confidence (and a little bit of wishful thinking), will be the next generation RS4 Avant, which we’ve seen testing at the Nurburgring.

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What the remaining four models will be, though, is less clear. Hints that they will be based on Audi’s bigger cars, though, have been peppered out. Stephan Winkelmann, head of Audi Sport, told Australian media recently that hopped up SUVs were likely, and reiterated last night that Audi Sport is taking a more global approach to car design.

That doesn’t mean, says Winkelmann, that Avants are at risk of being discontinued, just that money makers won’t be ignored, so an RS Q5 could be on its way.

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Sebastien Bell
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