Join Us on a ‘Rogue Trip’ to the New York Auto Show!

Join Us on a ‘Rogue Trip’ to the New York Auto Show!

The New York Auto Show starts next week and’s legendary team will once again assemble to cover this major motoring event. But before we descend on Manhattan, join us for an epic “Rogue Trip.”

Much more than just a cute play on words, this Nissan-sponsored road trip highlights the brand’s hot-selling compact crossover (yep, I’m talkin’ about the Rogue) while doing some good in the process. Ten teams from an array of different media outlets will travel around 700 miles on a marathon scavenger hunt across much of the Eastern Time Zone.

Each group will compete to earn points by sharing photos and video of things they find along the way. The predetermined mission objectives cover things like funny bumper stickers, weird foods, and unique wildlife, to name but a few. Once this two-day drive is complete, the winning team will have $5,000 to donate to a charity of their choice. Despite what it may sound like at first blush, this event is much more than a publicity stunt for Nissan; there’s an opportunity to do good here.

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Making the drive from Motown to Manhattan, I’ll be accompanied by our local video producer and graphic design wizard Ben Sanders. Should we triumph in this competition, our charity of choice is Forgotten Harvest, a Southeastern Michigan-based outfit that rescues perishable food from grocery stores and markets. Last year alone, they helped feed hungry people with nearly 41 million pounds of goods that would have otherwise been thrown out.

Join in the fun and follow our progress on social media. The drive kicks off on Sunday, April 8, with us crossing the finish line on Tuesday, April 11. Naturally, we’ll be Tweeting, posting to Facebook and making our presence felt on Instagram, so check in often for the latest news from the 2017 Nissan Rogue Trip. Also, if you have any suggestions for unusual places to stop in Ohio, Pennsylvania or New Jersey let us know… we’re all ears and we’re hungry to win (no pun intended)!

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