This Swanky-Looking Hybrid SUV Will Likely Make it into Production

Hybrid Kinetic and Pininfarina are previewing two more future models.

Making their debut at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show are the K550 and K750 SUVs, serving as follow-ups to the H600 sedan that debuted in Geneva earlier this year. Like their names suggest, the K550 is the smaller of the two models with five seats, while the K750 will target the seven-seater segment. Both models feature a similar front end as the H600 sedan and the same micro-turbine generators Hybrid Kinetic showed off in Geneva. When the H600 sedan debuted, Hybrid Kinetic said the system provides 800 horsepower and a range of 620 miles, although it’s more than likely those figures will change by the time the vehicles head to production.

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And it’s likely all three will, as Pininfarina has said it will be working with Hybrid Kinetic for about 46 months on the cars. It’s all part of a $68-million deal where Pininfarina not only designs, but also helps Hybrid Kinetic in developing and validating production cars. Neither company has announced when these models will head to production, but it should be within the next four years.