Smaller Honda Pilot Could be in the Works

Smaller Honda Pilot Could be in the Works

Honda will reportedly debut a five-seat, two-row Honda Pilot next year.

The short-wheelbase Honda Pilot was first reported by WardsAuto and is expected to head to production in September 2018 at the automaker’s Lincoln, Alabama plant.

It’s a move that makes sense for the segment, with Hyundai offering a similar choice with the Hyundai Santa Fe and Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, allowing customers to get into the vehicle for cheaper if they have no need for the third row.

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What will be interesting is how Honda positions the two-row Honda Pilot to not cannibalize CR-V sales. With crossover sales ever increasing in several markets, Honda is hoping to capitalize with another variant to grow market share. According to WardsAuto, crossover vehicles hit their highest-ever volume last year in the U.S. with 5.624-million units sold.

[Source: WardsAuto]

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