Tesla Model S, Model X Recalled for Electric Parking Brake Issue

Approximately 53,000 Tesla vehicles are being recalled to address a problem with the parking brake. 

The American automaker has announced a voluntary recall for its Model S and Model X vehicles after discovering with their electric parking brake. According to Tesla, the vehicles were manufactured between February and October 2016 and involves a gear in electric parking brakes that may not been manufactured properly. If the gear breaks, it may prevent the brake from releasing.

The issue was first discovered after Tesla learned some owners were receiving alerts to have their parking brakes serviced. After launching an internal investigation, the automaker found the gear in the parking brake could get stuck and eventually break. The part is manufactured by third-party supplier Brembo.

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“If this gear were to break, the parking brake would continue to keep the car from moving, but the parking brake would then be stuck in place,” Tesla said in an email sent to customers affected by the recall.

No reports of accidents or injuries related to the issue are known and Tesla doesn’t believe the issue could lead to a safety concern for customers. It is however, asking affected owners to bring in their vehicles to have the brakes replaced. Although 53,000 vehicles are being recalled, the company said it believes five percent, and as low as two percent, of the vehicles are actually affected by the faulty gear.

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