The Fate of the Furious Beats Star Wars for Record Opening Weekend

The Fate of the Furious Beats Star Wars for Record Opening Weekend

There’s simply no stopping the high-performing Fast and Furious franchise.

What started off as the butt of automotive jokes has become a worldwide phenomenon, with the eighth installment, The Fate of the Furious, coming out of the gate with an estimated $532.5-million worldwide opening weekend. Not only does that set a record, but that beats Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ opening weekend tally of $529-million. Some would argue it’s an unfair comparison, however, since The Fate of the Furious got to enjoy the Chinese market its opening weekend, while Star Wars: The Force Awakens chose to open in China later than the rest of the world.

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The eighth installment of the franchise saw a huge boost in 63 international markets, taking in $432.3-million. In the U.S., however, it actually saw a decline compared to Furious 7, which grossed $147.2-million. The Fate of the Furious earned $100.2-million in its opening weekend in North America.

It continues to have a strong presence in China, however, bringing in $190-million and setting records for the biggest three-day opening weekend in history, as well as the top debut for a Hollywood film in China.

To date, the franchise has earned more than $4.4-billion worldwide, which is enough to buy plenty of 10-second cars for Dominic Torreto.

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