The Infiniti QX80 Monograph is a Private Jet for the Road

The shadows of the huge buildings in New York City make it hard to stand out in The Big Apple, but Infiniti seems to be more than capable of getting attention with its latest reveal, the QX80 Monograph.

The Monograph part of the name denotes that this car is a design study, but much of what you see in this car will inspire the next generation of QX80, the brand’s large SUV. Perhaps most striking about the SUV, besides its size, is the frosted look of the metallic paint. It’s very eye catching and mesmerizing, something that’s hard to achieve with big, gaudy SUVs. The paint wraps a very interesting evolution of the current QX80’s shape. It’s boxy and tough looking, with commanding proportions due in part to a shoulder line that runs from the grille all the way to the rear of the car.

At over 16 feet long and about six and a half feet tall, the QX80 Monograph’s large size is also emphasized by interesting two-tone, 24-inch wheels that feature a spoke design that overlaps the tires, giving an appearance of 26 inch wheels. The “crescent cut” D-pillar also helps to emphasize the horizontal elements of the car, and further emphasizes its size.

2017 New York Auto Show Coverage

But perhaps the most familiar part of the car is up front, where the QX80 Monograph resembles the recent QX50 Concept. The double-arched grille is bigger and wider than before, and Infiniti points out that the mesh design is more intricate. Along with the grille up front, the SUV has a blacked-out A pillar that sit flush with the windows and windshield.

The lighting elements are hard to miss too, with “human-eye” headlamps, as well as slim rear combination lamps. The headlights and tail lamps also sport individual LEDs that can light up independently.

Other elements around the car are functional and chic. The vents by the front and rear wheels provide aerodynamic advantages, while using the pop-up door handles to gain entry to the car reveals an integrated side-sill. Around back the two oval exhaust exits are contrasted with a sexy diffuser-like design.

In case you were wondering if this car can handle off-road adventures, there’s an underbody cover that runs the length of the floor, which provides double duty in protecting the car’s undersides while aiding with aerodynamics.

While the current QX80 isn’t particularly pretty, this design concept shows that Infiniti is looking to change that. While there are no powertrains details or even a hint of when we’re supposed to see a new product, it’s likely that a new look for the big SUV is on the way soon.

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