Cadillac Diesels Still a Possibility in the US

Michael Accardi
by Michael Accardi

Cadillac’s long rumored diesel program still has life despite recent developments within General Motors.

When GM sold its European arm and diesel deity earlier this year, it was believed Cadillac had just watched its plan for four and six-cylinder diesel engines change hands as well. That’s because Cadillac’s diesels were earmarked for sharing with future Opel models helping the luxury maker to thin development costs.

Turns out who owns Opel doesn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things.

According to Car and Driver the future of GM’s new diesel engines is secure as part of the PSA deal, GM will still supply Opel with next-generation diesels. The development work is finished, suppliers have been sourced and production plans are being evaluated, GM simply can’t walk away from the program, not when it’s success is integral to Cadillac’s success in the Old World.

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Both four- and six-cylinder diesels have been earmarked for several upcoming Cadillac crossovers and SUV models as it attempts to gain a semblance of traction in Europe.

Cadillac could bring oil-burning powertrain choices to the United States in spite of what its luxury rivals are up to; scandal has scuppered Audi, Mercedes also quit over regulatory hurdles, while BMW will continue to offer four diesel-equipped models for the time being.

Is this a gap to be exploited, or a rabbit hole best avoided?

A version of this story originally appeared on GM Inside News

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