Faraday Future Reminds us it Still Exists, Claims Car is Road-Ready


Struggling to stay relevant months after unveiling its first electric car, Faraday Future wants us all to know it still exists.

The California-based company, which is looking to take on Tesla in the lucrative luxury EV market, published a video this week titled ‘Emergence’ that showcases what’s supposedly a production version of the FF 91 roaming the roads. The video appears to show the FF 91 cruising in a variety of settings that look to be in California, though the entire thing seems a bit suspect.

Not only does much of the video appear to be enhanced at the very least by CGI, but much of the city scenes look like they were shot on a closed set. That’s not to say the FF 91 isn’t production ready — after all, Faraday Future tweeted a photo this week that shows three FF 91s surrounded by staff outside the company’s headquarters — but the video looks a little too good to be true.

Looking beyond the obvious embellishments, the video appears to contain some easter eggs about the types of intelligent features the FF 91 will include. Graphics throughout the video, for example, indicate the car will have the ability to recognize streets signs and lane markings.

Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in January, the Faraday Future FF 91 has its sights squarely set on the Tesla Model S. As such, its electric output, battery size and driving range all best the Tesla, according to the automaker. It’s claimed that the FF 91 makes a combined 1,050 horsepower thanks to the use of multiple electric motors, while its battery pack boasts a claimed capacity of 130 kWh. The company says its range should be about 378 miles (608 kilometers).