Slightly Refreshed MINI Coopers Caught Testing

Spy photographers have caught a pair of refreshed MINI Coopers testing, and although they don’t look too different, the biggest changes are likely mechanical.

The two MINIs, a convertible and three-door hatchback model, are barely wearing any camouflage, meaning the facelift will be minor and barely noticeable. In terms of exterior changes, we can expect some small updates to the headlights and tail lights, as well as new wheels and color options, but little else.

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The bigger changes are expected to be mechanical: the spy photographers say the new MINIs will get a revised cooling and turbo system for the small three-cylinder engines. The casing for the smaller engine, for example, will be aluminum, while the four-cylinder engine used in the S models will have steel casings. A slight bump in power is also likely, and rumors say the MINIs might even get a version of BMW’s dual clutch transmission.

It has been almost three years since these MINIs have been refreshed, so a small update for the 2018 model year is likely.

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Kev50027 says:

That front overhang is still ugly and the rear lights are still comically large, but other than that they look okay.

lovebugs says:

Things got ugly — and then uglier

Mainemoose says:

Mini improvements?

Julie walsh says:

Hate the new “midi”. It is not a mini anymore. Will never buy another. You have defaced it and should not be allowed to use the mini name…sad times

Howard Hughes says:

First Gen was always the best. The second took a little getting used to.
The third, well no words. HUGE. how can you call it a MINI when it’s bigger than a Golf…
Hideous rear lights and the front bumpers are horrendous. MINI have Completely lost the plot.
Porsche nailed it with the 911. Do you really think MINI will do the same?…