10 Worst Cars of 2017: The Short List

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You’ve got to go out of your way to buy a bad vehicle these days.

This is because automakers have improved their products so spectacularly in recent decades. Even so, they all can’t be winners; there are still a few clunkers lurking in the shadows, cars and trucks you’d best sidestep like a goose turd on a golf green.

Our friends at Consumer Reports have compiled a list of 10 vehicles that should be avoided, no matter how attractive their styling or deeply they’ve been discounted. Each of these models is the lowest rated in its respective segment, from subcompact cars and electric vehicles to pickup trucks and luxury SUVs.

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It’s important to note these ratings are based on several important factors, including a vehicle’s overall road test score, its owner satisfaction rating, safety score and, of course, the thing Consumer Reports is most famous for, reliability estimates. With that boilerplate out of the way, make sure to watch the embedded video to learn about the 10 worst new vehicles available in 2017.

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Perry F. Bruns says:

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And as far as the jokes and singing, don’t quit your day job.
Whatever it is. 🙂

r l says:

And a diff host? This nerdy not funny douchebag is annoying AF!!!

Skye says:

They would have liked him allot in Eastern Europe about 40 years ago.

Jonny_Vancouver says:

“Like chicken cooked medium rare” lol. I was surprised the Taco made it on the list, too bad.

Jeff T says:

Crushed it Craig.

Right of right says:

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vanosman says:

Nerd says Tacoma is old news yet over engineered . Which v6 truck has soft ride and quick eng ? isis LOOPERS like they drive around in 500k mile Toyotas with their fav Saturn aka Satan symbol on hood.