This Could be the New 2018 Infiniti QX50

New patent filings uncovered by show a new Infiniti model, very likely to be the all-new 2018 QX50. 

Although spy photographers have snapped the next-generation Infiniti QX50 testing, the prototype is hiding almost all of its details under heavy camouflage.

Now we can see the design in detail thanks to new patents that surfaced on the Australian government’s protected design database. Although the filing doesn’t offer the name of the vehicle, it is registered to Nissan and based on the design and timing, it is almost certainly the 2018 QX50 we’re looking at.

Looking at them side-by-side, there are lots of similarities between the production version and the concept, but like usual, the QX50 that hits the road will be toned down slightly compared to the concept.

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infiniti qx50 design patent comparison

The front end design is a definitley less aggressive on the production model with wider headlights, a smaller grille and smaller intakes than the concept. Despite that, the front grille still looks imposing. Although the design patent doesn’t have side mirrors, expect them to be there on the production model looking similar to the concept’s units.

When it launches, the QX50 will be the first vehicle to use Infiniti’s new variable compression ratio engine, which is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder. By using a compression ratio that can change, the engine should be optimized for both power and efficiency.

It’s still unclear when the production Infiniti QX50 will make its debut, but it is expected to go on sale next year so we should see it before the end of this year, possibly at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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