Volkswagen Arteon has Fancy High-Tech Headlights


Good drivers know that you should always be looking as far down the road as possible, but that’s not always easy at night.

Volkswagen figures it has a solution, though, with its new Dynamic Cornering Light feature that will allow you to look around dark corners.

Turning headlights are nothing new. The system was prominently featured on Citroen’s DS way back in the ’60, and VW has had the technology for some time. But VW’s new system, to be introduced on the Arteon, will predict corners independently of steering input.

Traditional corner illuminating systems move with the steering wheel to light up the relevant bit of the road as you’re turning around it. The system is nifty, and does a pretty good job lighting up the important parts of the road, but can still fail to light up important obstacles until it’s too late.

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Volkswagen is now using cameras in the front of the Arteon (in Elegance and R-Line trim) to light up the road before you come up to it.

The system uses the cameras in concert with the navigation system to move the headlights from side to side as you approach a corner. On a dark country road, for example, the car will light up fewer trees and more road, to help you avoid everything from potholes to deer.

You can expect to light up the road ahead and around when the Arteon reaches the U.S. as a 2018 model.

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