2019 Audi A8 Teased Before July 11 Reveal

2019 Audi A8 Teased Before July 11 Reveal

Audi has revealed that the all-new A8 will be arriving on July 11 at an event in Barcelona, Spain. 

This car will launch an entirely new design era for Audi along with a fresh direction for the brand which includes connectivity features, electrified drivetrains, and self-driving cars. According to the German brand, it is becoming a premium digital car company and is working to reinvent urban mobility.

One of the A8’s features is already on display in the new teaser video released by Audi, showing the car’s self-parking feature. Besides that, expect the A8 to have semi-autonomous capabilities while driving on the road.

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Based on the new MLB Evo platform, the A8 should be a good deal lighter than its predecessor along with being stiffer thanks to new-age materials like carbon fiber and magnesium.

For its launch, expect the engine lineup to resemble the current A8, which includes a range of gasoline and diesel engines. But to take advantage of the MLB Evo platform, the German automaker will eventually add a plug-in hybrid version to the lineup.

Watch for all the details on July 11.

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