Aston Martin Readying Ferrari 488 Fighter

Aston Martin Readying Ferrari 488 Fighter

A new supercar is set to arrive in 2020 from Aston Martin to take on the Ferrari 488.

Now that the British automaker is back to making money, CEO Andy Palmer isn’t letting off the gas. Speaking to Auto Express, Palmer confirmed Aston Martin will introduce seven new core models over seven years, up to 2023 when the DB11 replacement arrives. That means one car every year for the next seven years. We already have seen the new DB11, and it will be followed by the Vantage and Vanquish, while the DBX crossover will arrive in 2019.

It’s 2020 when things will get interesting, as Palmer says it will mark the arrival of a Ferrari 488 competitor. After that, we will see Lagonda, which will result in two new cars, Lagonda One and Lagonda Two. And since each car has a seven-year life cycle, we’ll see the DB12 arrive in 2023.

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The company believes it has an “obvious blind spot where the likes of the 488 sit,” with an average transaction price slightly lower than Ferrari. The new supercar intends to bridge the gap between the existing sports cars and the upcoming Valkyrie hypercar. Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be mid-engined, Palmer said “it’s easier to get the 50:50 weight distribution and that market tends to be defined as mid-engined.”

Look for the Valkyrie to influence the new supercar, which will eventually carry over its DNA to the DB12.

[Source: Auto Express]

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