Tesla Begins Rolling out Autopilot 2.0

Tesla Begins Rolling out Autopilot 2.0

Tesla has begun installing the latest version of its Autopilot semi-autonomous technology. 

The update adds a new control algorithm for Autosteer to smooth out the car’s control along with adding automatic perpendicular parking and automatic display brightness adjustments. Automatic Emergency Braking has also been reactivated to work at all speeds on newer cars, as previously it was only working up 28 mph.

For now, the update is being installed in new cars rolling out of the Fremont factory with over-the-air updates going out to whole fleet sometime before the end of the week.

Tesla is responding to customers complaints with this update, after receiving word that Autopilot had become rougher after the last update. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that this update will make the steering “silky smooth.”

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As for the other updates, the automaic perpendicular park is self-explanatory, while the auto display brightness is as well, except for one clever feature. If you adjust your display brightness manually, the car will learn your habits and set the auto adjustment to suit you.

The new Autopilot system no longer uses hardware supplied by Mobileye, now using a setup that uses eight cameras on each vehicle along with radar and GPS data.

Automatic windshield wipers were are also supposed to be part of the package, but so far, Tesla hasn’t mentioned them.

Elon Musk has promised that this update is the first step towards a Tesla driving coast-to-coast entirely on its own by the end of this year.

[Source: Electrek]