Volvo Polestar Hits a New Milestone

Volvo has announced Polestar accessories can now be found in 100,000 vehicles worldwide.

The milestone doesn’t mean Volvo has sold 100,000 performance-oriented Polestar models, but rather 100,000 Volvo vehicles have opted for Polestar accessories to be installed straight from the factory.

The Swedish automaker offers a plethora of dealer-fit performance parts to upgrade cars before they leave the lot, and Volvo says sales reached an all-time high in the first five months of 2017 with more than 12,000 cars featuring Polestar parts. That growth represents a 30 percent increase compared to last year.

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The company is attributing the growth to the success of Polestar optimizations for the Drive-E powertrain, and is looking forward to even more growth when the Volvo XC60 is included in the optimization range starting this July.

All Polestar upgrades are performed with certified emissions, fuel consumption, service intervals, and Volvo warranties kept intact.

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