You Can Help Name this New SUV, but it Can’t Be Carry McCarface


SEAT is hosting a contest to name its new seven-seater SUV.

And before you think of submitting something like Carry McCarface, there’s one important rule to the competition: the name must be taken from the Spanish geography. The model being named as part of the competition will sit above the current Ateca and proposals can be submitted starting today. The finalists will be announced in September, after which voting will begin and the winner will be revealed soon after.

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According to the Spanish automaker, ever since it announced the launch of the new SUV in March, it has received proposals from all over Spain on what to call it. As a result, SEAT has decided to take advantage of the opportunity by hosting the contest, which is a first for the brand.

The finalists will be announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12, and public voting will take place from September 12 to September 25. Look for the new of SEAT’s new SUV to be announced on October 15.

“SEAT has decided to call upon every fan of the brand to propose and later vote the name of the new SUV which is set to make history,” said SEAT president Luca de Meo. “In our efforts to launch #SEATseekingName, we have redefined the typical process in order to engage the public and followers of the brand all over the world in the project from start to finish.”

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