Hyundai’s Genesis Brand Eyes Coupes, SUVs

Hyundai’s Genesis Brand Eyes Coupes, SUVs

New trademark filings have revealed Hyundai’s Genesis luxury brand is planning to roll out a number of SUVs and coupes to be sold alongside its G80 and G90 sedans.

The trademark filings indicate Genesis SUVs will receive the ‘GV’ moniker, followed by a number to denote the vehicle’s size. The automaker already showed its GV80 SUV in concept form earlier this year, however filings for GV60 and GV70 have now been discovered as well. At the very least, the filings are evidence that Genesis is considering producing two smaller SUVs to undercut the GV80.

Patent applications have also revealed Genesis is looking at introducing sports-oriented coupe models with the ‘GT’ name, which would again be followed by a two-digit number to denote the vehicle’s size or its place in the model range. Filings for GT60, GT70, GT80 and GT90 were all discovered.

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Genesis has said previously it will have five different models on sale by 2020. A leaked future product plan revealed the lineup will consist of the existing G80 and G90 luxury sedans, a G70 sedan, a mid-size SUV, a smaller crossover and a “near luxury” GT70 coupe. The same plan also said the Genesis model range “will see continuous growth and will be strengthened with innovative technologies which will set the standard for performance and eco-friendliness.”

[Source: Motor Authority]

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