New Patent Images Preview Baby NSX Interior


It appears Honda might be moving forward with its baby NSX project.

Rumors and speculation surrounding the baby NSX has died down quite a bit, but these latest patent images will surely re-spark the discussion. Registered and fully published on July 17 by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the patent application is specifically for the car’s interior, but we’re able to see the exterior design as well. The dash that was previously revealed in a July 2016 patent appears to be incorporated into the cabin.

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The center console features similar design elements as the Acura NSX, although there are more knobs and dials seen in this particular example.

Honda has been rumored to be working on a successor to the S2000 for years now, and it’s been assumed the baby NSX will serve that role. Unfortunately, the Japanese automaker has stayed relatively quiet regarding the project, and we have yet to even see a concept confirming its in the works.

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