Porsche 992 Convertible Resurfaces for Hot Weather Testing


The last time spy photographers caught the Porsche 992 Convertible prototype on camera, it was playing in the snow.

According to our spy photographers, the next-generation 911 Convertible was undergoing hot weather testing in over 100-degree temperatures. It’s little surprise, then, that Porsche engineers prefer to keep the top up and the air conditioner running. The next-generation 911 will likely be referred to as the 992 once it debuts, and like the current 991, you can expect several different body styles and variants. The sports car is expected to make its debut next year, with the coupe and convertible models first, followed by the Targa variant. So far, the Targa is the only model we haven’t spied testing.

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The prototype shows the 911 won’t see any major changes to its styling, as has been the tradition for Porsche’s iconic sports car. It will however, be wider than the current model and rumors suggest it could be riding on a new platform.

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