Star Wars’ Inspired EV Promises Out-Of-This-World Driver Experience

Costing a mere fraction of a Nissan Leaf, a lightweight electric car that reaches its top speed in seconds with comfortable seating for two is now taking pre-orders.

Future drivers need to be of smaller stature and under 130 pounds, but in exchange, they get a 12-volt EV with easy recharging at home, with no smelly engine – or pedals to pedal, as was the case for children from former generations.

Seriously, “Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder” from Radio Flyer, which also sells a cool little Model S replica, promises “realistic details” along with a top forward speed with the switch of a gear shifter of 5 mph, and reverse speed of 2 mph.

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The $499 sub-70-pound craft is modeled after the “sand-pocked and sun-faded” X-34 from Star Wars: A New Hope. An interactive dashboard has lights and real movie sounds.

A widespread dealer network is also in place – Toys R Us.

Creative children’s imagination not included.

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