This Volkswagen Concept Could Preview the Next e-Golf

Volkswagen has unveiled the Gen.E research vehicle, a concept that could preview the next e-Golf.

The concept didn’t make any sort of grand debut at a major auto show, instead quietly being announced at Future Mobility Days 2017. Volkswagen shared what it calls a small snapshot of its otherwise strictly confidential topics at the media day for the Future Mobility Days 2017, expanding on how Group Research is taking a proactive approach to designing the mobile world of tomorrow.

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Although Volkswagen isn’t explicitly saying the Gen.E research vehicle previews the next-generation e-Golf, its hatchback design and similar style suggest it’s a strong possibility. In describing the Gen.E research vehicle, the German automaker says it “provides an insight into the next generation of automobiles for efficient long-distance mobility with a range of more than 400 kilometers (249 miles).” It rides on a lightweight architecture that has been designed for maximum crash safety, including the battery. Speaking of the battery, Volkswagen says it is based on advanced lithium-ion cells, and it is further benefited by an optimized electric motor.

Volkswagen also believes in the future that electric vehicles will be charged by mobile robots, so Group Research is actively working on charging robot concepts for underground garages and multi-story car parks. The Gen.E research vehicle demonstrates how charging can be done by a robot.

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